Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Sale

It's Spring, it's sunny and I am pretty sure my husband is tired of all this wonderful Jewelry lying around.

So this weekend I am haing a sale, 15% off store wide.  This woule be a good time to get some of the more expensive stones like Opal, Jade and Shell Pearls.

As an added bonus, anything I make throughout the weekend will be priced properly then reduced by 15% as well.

I just have to make room for new stuff, so that Matt starts taking his wonderfully engaging pictures again.  I am thinking of holding this out until the end of the week--for those who get paid on the first of the month.  Give me a buzz at twitter @maggiesjewelry  or on Facebook Maggies Jewelry if you think I should extend it.   I want to hear from you!

Thanks and here is a quick link to the site:  Maggie's Jewelry

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