Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

I was going through my stash yesterday trying to organize it, because we humans get in the mood to clean during Spring. So I did what any good jewelry maker would do--I instant messaged my closest friend from high school--who incidentally makes jewelry for her Etsy site (  and asked her if I should write a blog about Spring Cleaning your jewelry supplies.

Of course she jumped and said "YES"

So here I am admitting to the world that I have no idea how to 'destash' without making myself crazy with little bags and bottles for beads.

But have no fear I have clicked into some great articles for you all--even if I don't have a clue myself (I just rearrange it in little bags and start sitting at my desk instead of on the couch or in my bed).

Don't worry I will come back and show what I chose--eventually.

After I do what I normally do--which is ship stuff off to friends and family.
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