Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sometimes the mail brings gifts...

I have been waiting for a set of prehnite and tourmaline coming from Thailand for about three weeks now.  Finally yesterday it came.  As it was unwrapped (I really didn't know anything that small needed that much bubble wrap--I am certain the ozone lost an inch of coverage from that box alone) I was shocked.

But wait, wait, wait.  Not all mail order places rip you off.

No, no that's not what I was saying.  I was shocked because oh wow these are more stunning than the pictures.  So fantastic and wonderful and I can not wait to get more of the ordered stuff in the mail. 

On the same day mail delivery brought me fantasic mini coin pearls from another Etsy retailer (http://www.etsy.com/shop/lilysoffering) and I simply couldn't contain myself.  I actually made myself a pair of earrings I would not take off all day, so much fun to wear.

But now I sit here--ready to make fantastic jewelry from my fantastic horde of new jewels.

And My Mind is completely Blank.

What happens when my other jewels arrive, maybe today...maybe tomorrow?  Will I still be blank for the fab designs I could be making?  Ught oh. 

So where do you get inspiration??

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