Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick as a Dog...

So I have been bad lately.  Sick as a dog and unable to move from my bed. It's terrible.  But luckily my husband was nice enough to bring me my beading stuff in small amounts so I could keep going.   And I spent some time on Etsy watching what other people are designing.  Looks like there are some interesting trends this year.

1) The fashion year coming up is old school conservative--which honeslty makes sense considering the economy.   A lot of warm rich browns and wear forver clothing seems big in major designers like Ralph Lauren, the Gap--everyday attire.

2) The jewelry out there is either beautiful art work with wonderful findings, big pieces that are showcases to backdrop against the conservative fashions or tiny pieces with special meaning, i.e., one small pendant on a simple chain.

That's okay though, we have some fun coming up as designers, lots of leaves, flowers a big tree of life I bet this summer/fall.  Call it a hunch.

While In bed I did luckily get to make a few things:

This is good for us designers--we can really spread our wings in the design department--playing with unique designs, especially in earrings and necklaces.  Also, the show pieces should be fun to make, playing with big pearls-costume or real.  Also, playing with big stones should be fun, although making the weight just perfect is all in the length.
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