Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eeee! I went outside today...

I am very excited, I went outside today for the sole purpose of retaking pictures of my jewelry.  Don't get me wrong, most of the pictures I took were 'fine,' but I really wanted to show the true colors of what I have been making--and well being stuck indoors it not really condicive to that...

An Example: 

Here are some fabulous faceted Chunky Tourmaline Rounds,  I hand knotted and finished with gold before:

That's some pretty stuff--I know I know, I sound like the ultimate arrogant geek...but just you wait for the AFTER picture:

I changed little in the picture--even kept a similar 'pose' for the piece--The difference?

Mere Sunlight.

Hey it makes us feel better too, so why shouldn't it make our pictures 'feel' better also?

Hmmm, food for thought. 

Speaking of food, German is on the menu tonight.

You can check out all the pics I updated today at
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