Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yeah, so i am writing this even as I am late to pick up my kids, which will in turn make me late to take one to counseling. This ought to be super fun.

I am so excited to get to the bead show--but want to make more jewelry in the meantime. Instead, I am watching "OutFoxed" for my media class, and its making me mad. Honestly, I don't get Fox news, they never wear good jewelry on there. CNN on the other hand is full of surprising ideas to make, as was the local news in Washington State.

I find shows on the CW also worthwhile, as well as Grey's Anatomy, Bones and a few others. Yes I watch TV to see what looks fun to make, I get ideas off the news, and other media in order to better design jewelry.

Odd, I know.

But, it works for me, I guess I can just look at something and see how it would be made. Which is why my wedding ring irritates me so much, like seriously, who would make a dolphin's eye out of a ruby instead of an emerald or even sapphire?

But it's okay hubby, I still love you, and your design.

Now to get the kids and pine over going to the show for a while.
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