Sunday, February 7, 2010

The issue with Jewelry Dealers

It's a good time here in Tucson for the first time for the shows. However there is this huge problem the 'gate keepers' have as I go from show to show. Makes me a little pissy.

When I go up to a show, just because I have three kids with me, frankly you as a dealer have no clue who I am or whether I have money. None. By making the determination that I am not worthy of your time when I am looking around with three antsy kids, you have now made me decide not to buy from you.

It's a sad state of events. You really are not pulling it all out, by not working with me the way I as YOUR CUSTOMER want to be treated.

Damn fools. Lost a lot of money from me this weekend I will go spend online at their competitors shops.
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