Monday, February 15, 2010

So the Pictures...

So we're selling online now. Super fun and a lot, I mean a lot of work.  Here's a little something I've learned though--but before we get straight to the point, I have to tell a story.

My husband likes to take pictures--I found this out when my father gave him a fabulous camera after Timmy, our first born arrived.  He took pictures of everything, anything he could find or could.  You should know this was in 1999 that TJ was born, so all this was done one film.  I am actually pretty sure we still have undeveloped rolls laying around. Because shooting on film is pricey stuff.

When we moved back to the states in 2000, something happened to his beloved camera.  We kept trying to fix it but it just was kaputt from the move.  He was so upset.

So this year I got him a fancy camera.  A nice digital camera to start playing with.  After he stopped worrying about how much money I had spent he was thrilled.  I was as well, because, after all I secretly knew I would be taking pictures of my jewels I was finally going to sell online.

Then, reality set in.  See I had some photography training in the military, even with some Nikon digital cameras (they same brand I had bought him.  But here's the thing: I may have training, and some what of an eye, but photography is not my love.
That's a picture I took.  It's nice enough, it has some personality.  But there is not a lot of love in the picture, just the piece.

My husband took a picture or two for me those first few days--and lesson learned.  It does not necessarily help to have training, you have to have live and fun in the photography of your pieces.   I love my pieces, I take my time and work really hard on each one.  They are meticulously crafted, and a personal reflection of what I love, the stones.

But even with all that, I can not make something interesting like my husband can. So from now on, he will be taking pictures of my jewels--its just the way to go.

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