Friday, February 19, 2010

So, record time...

This has never, ever happened to me. I made a sale in less than 4 hours yesterday. From completion to listing, the item was sold out within just a few hours--amazing. I have made a few sales like that before, when I would make something in front of a person--but never online.

I usually let my hubby take pictures of the jewels I make--they seem to draw people in because the fun he has taking them just add intrigue to the jewelry. Lately he has been making story lines with his photo's.

This story line for this particular piece was adorable--probably leading to its quick sale. He set my daughter up outside in out back yard, finding a piece of jewelry, taking it from a tree, and wearing it. It's cute because the piece itself had this natural appeal--which is what I was going for in designing it.

The necklace itself was called "The Isolde" named as a literary reference, my first in a series of literary heroine inspired pieces.

I made it with rich greens and copper to allude to the beauty of ireland and the simplicity of love we all strive for in a way.


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