Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Found this..

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This is super funny, and though I do feel this sometimes with the economy, I don't know if it is my real job, or just something to keep myself entertained. Don't get me wrong I have been making jewelry since I was in college, and selling it well when I lived on Fort Lewis. There were a lot of loyal customers who would buy from my friends Shop--whom I sold my jewelry to there. Actually her shop is on Etsy now as well. She is Paulasantiques2, ( if you see any jade or pearls, chances are I made them. She has wonderful antiques and still sells at the PX on Fort Lewis.

Also, if you are at Fort Lewis you should see her store, she has these great ruby necklaces I had hand knotted. When I say ruby necklace, I mean the entire necklace is made of Ruby. Imagine a necklace with a total of about 100 carats of hand knotted ruby roundelles, that's what I made. Tedious, but so stunning when finished.
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